If you’re putting 100% into your training and recovery without being mindful of what you’re feeding your body, the chances are that you’re not maximising your athletic potential. Making smart nutrition choices can be the critical factor in determining whether you reach your body composition, strength, performance and recovery goals or not.
We will conduct a dietary, training and lifestyle assessment to determine areas needing improvement and factors that may be restricting you from achieving your goals.
We will impart strategies specific to you, your sport and your lifestyle, including periodisation, intake optimisation, supplementation and preparation for competition. How you fuel yourself is critical to how you perform and we will be with you every step of the way to make genuine ongoing enhancements to benefit your sport and health.

Who would benefit from seeing a Sports Nutritionist?

The short answer is everyone who is looking to improve their health, wellbeing and performance. Regardless of age, gender or ability, Sports Nutritionists can educate and provide strategies to make both immediate and long-term benefits to your life.
Mike is the Head of Nutrition at AppliedMotion Physiotherapy and Podiatry and focuses on helping any individual who seeks to improve their diet and nutrition plan in order to improve their overall health, wellbeing and if applicable, sporting performance.
Mike is a very experienced Sports Nutritionist who has worked with athletes from many sports including Dance and Gymnastics, along with everyday sportspeople and multiple high-performance athletes