Meet Our Team


Simone Brambilla MSc BSc APAM

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Head Physiotherapist WA State Gymnastics Team
Head Physiotherapist Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy
Certified Performance Specialist EXOS USA

Team Profile

Meet Simone, your trusted Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, armed with over a decade of diverse experience in Musculoskeletal, Paediatric, and Sport Physiotherapy. A distinguished graduate of Curtin University with a Master’s in Clinical Physiotherapy, Simone’s commitment to excellence shines through his co-authored paper on Best Evidence Practice at SJOG Midland Hospital in 2018.

With a decade-long clinical journey, Simone’s unwavering passion lies in empowering individuals of all ages and backgrounds to conquer pain and disability through the application of the latest research-based practices. At the heart of his approach is a commitment to “Patient-Centered” care, where every individual is treated holistically, aligning with their unique goals and values.

Simone views professional development as an endless pursuit in medicine. His insatiable thirst for knowledge has taken him across the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Italy. Through his international experiences, Simone has dedicated himself to helping people of all ages extract more joy from life.

Driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Simone extends his expertise as a clinical supervisor for Curtin University, mentoring the next generation of physiotherapists. By choosing Simone, you not only gain a seasoned practitioner but also a mentor dedicated to sharing knowledge and shaping the future of the profession.

Book a session with Simone for a transformative experience rooted in the latest evidence-based practices. Elevate your health journey with a practitioner who combines experience, knowledge, and a genuine commitment to your well-being.

Matt Pugnaloni BSc APAM

Performance Specialist EXOS USA
WA State Gymnastics Medical Team
Head Physiotherapist WPTA & New Wave Waterpolo
Physiotherapist Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

Matteo Pugnaloni

Introducing Matteo, your dedicated and highly skilled physiotherapist with a passion for enhancing physical well-being. Graduating from Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy, Matteo brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. Beyond his academic achievements, Matteo is deeply immersed in biomechanics and sports, reflecting his commitment to a holistic approach to physiotherapy.

With 14 years of experience as a water polo player in Italy, including six years in the Serie A2 League, Matteo’s journey in sports has provided invaluable insights into the significance of physical health. Currently serving as a Water Polo coach for WPTA and New Wave Water Polo club, Matteo continues to contribute to the athletic community.

Matteo’s enthusiasm for physiotherapy is palpable in every aspect of his work. His patient-centered approach ensures personalized care tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Listening attentively to his patients, Matteo collaborates with them to create a customized treatment plan aimed at achieving their goals and enhancing physical function and mobility.

Matteo takes pride in his role as a catalyst for positive change in his patients’ lives. His unwavering commitment to well-being is evident as he consistently seeks ways to elevate the quality of life for those he serves.

Book a session with Matteo to experience a physiotherapist who combines expertise with passion, dedicated to optimizing your physical health and helping you achieve your unique goals. Elevate your well-being with Matteo’s personalized and patient-focused approach.

Courtney Stowe BSc APAM

Clinical Pilates Instructor
Specialising in Sports and Women’s Health
WA State Gymnastics Medical Team
Physiotherapist Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

Introducing Courtney, a senior physiotherapist with a passion for delivering the best patient-centred care with a combination of manual therapy and exercise. Courtney graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand and has worked across various private practices in New Zealand and Australia. 

Courtney’s professional interests are pre and post-operative management, rheumatological conditions, sports injuries, injury prevention, and women’s health. She is always looking for a way to better herself in and outside of work to help her patients get the best care. 

Her sporting background is artistic gymnastics as both an athlete and a coach, and competed for New Zealand internationally. Since finishing the sport as an athlete she has found a passion in CrossFit where she can utilise the skills learned from gymnastics. She is very passionate about keeping people active through injuries and helps to modify those activities as she knows from experience that it is better both mentally and physically to keep doing something than to completely rest. 

Book a session with Courtney and she will work with you to help achieve your goals. Optimise your well-being with a practitioner who genuinely cares about you and wants to see you succeed.

Emma MIgnanelli

Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Emma is a qualified Physiotherapist who is currently studying her Masters’s in Sports Physiotherapy at Curtin University. She has also received training as a strength and conditioning coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA Level 1).

Emma uses her bubbly and positive nature to help patients achieve what they love in life through clear education, goal setting, hands-on treatment, dry needling, and exercise/rehabilitation to assist people to reach their goals and optimal health. Emma will provide a clear plan at the end of your first visit on how to achieve your goals in the best way possible that suits you as well as matches what the science says.

Emma is very proactive within the sporting world – she has worked at several amateur level footy clubs and has provided Physio cover at various hockey tournaments at the state and international level (the Ric Charlesworth Classic and the FHE Cup).

When Emma is not working, she is trying the latest fitness craze, playing tennis socially, relaxing at the beach or supporting the West Coast Eagles


Dr Angelo Velho

Sports & Paediatric Podiatrist
Consultant Podiatrist Perth Demons WAFL Club
Head Podiatrist Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy
Travelling Podiatrist with GymnasticsWA State Squad
Consultant Podiatrist WA Youth Ballet

Dr Angelo Velho

Angelo is our Director of Podiatry, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding everything podiatry. His primary passion involves helping his patients rehabilitate from injuries and return to sport fitter and stronger. 

Throughout his career, Angelo has worked alongside elite gymnasts, ballet dancers, and a range of contact sports to provide treatment for a range of musculoskeletal injuries, joint complaints and post-operative care. He is extremely passionate about keeping athletes active throughout their rehabilitation. He is currently the Consultant Podiatrist for Perth Demons WAFL Club where you’ll often find him on game-day taping the athletes, and works alongside both Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy and WA Youth Ballet

As a born-and-bred Londoner who grew up with a football at his feet (he also passionately supports West Ham United), Angelo has represented and participated in many sporting codes throughout his life including swimming, rugby, and cricket. He loves food and wine and holidaying overseas.

Dr Paul Doan

Sports and Paediatric Podiatrist
Consultant Podiatrist Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

Paul is a highly passionate and enthusiastic podiatrist with strong experience in treating patients with acute injuries, chronic pain, ingrown toenails and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. He completed the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from The University of Western Australia with distinction.

Paul enjoys getting patients happily back onto their feet through a holistic, patient-centred and evidence-based approach. He is thorough in his assessment to provide patients bespoke treatment plans and achievable long-term goals.

Paul is fluent in Vietnamese. You can catch Paul in his spare time cooking (or eating out), taking his golden retriever out on adventures, going on hikes or taking a quiet day with a good thriller/fantasy book.

Dr Katharine Guo


Team Profile

Katharine completed her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at UWA and has a keen interest in biomechanical, musculoskeletal, and pediatric conditions. She is a friendly and bubbly practitioner who is passionate about providing patient-centered care. Katharine will take the time to assess, diagnose and treat every patient as an individual to help them achieve their goals.

Katharine can provide holistic treatment and management using podiatry-related dry needling, taping, exercise programs, manual therapy, and orthotic therapy.

In her spare time, Katharine enjoys playing social sports including tennis, netball, and volleyball. She is also a huge foodie and loves to cook, bake, and explore the Perth food scene. 

Remedial massage

Kimberley Lawrence

Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist

Kimberley Lawrence

Kim is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, who is motivated and outgoing. She has extra training in Sports massage, Pregnancy massage and Lymphatic drainage. Kim started her studies at North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth in 2020 and graduated with a Diploma in 2021. Having a range of techniques at her disposal, Kim is able to use a blend of Myo-fascial technique, Pilates and massage in individually tailored sessions. As a remedial massage therapist, she uses deep tissue massage techniques, cupping and myofascial release and can provide stretch, strength and postural awareness exercises to those clients interested in reaching optimal performance. She enjoys everything from providing ‘just a good massage’ to treating and resolving injuries. She has a particular interest in identifying habitual patterns of posture and uses within the body which may be resulting in pain and discomfort.

Youstina Youssef has a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy and is an extremely passionate and motivated Occupational Therapist with positive energy and compassionate nature. Paediatrics has always been an interest of hers and she loves interacting with both children and their families to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, whilst also encouraging engagement and facilitating independence. She works using a combination of both a ‘top-down’ (functional) and ‘bottom-up’ (sensory) approach to therapy incorporating the use of evidence-based practice. She is dedicated to seeing children with a variety of physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities and helping them to reach their full potential. Her gentle, positive, and creative personality keeps children engaged and motivated to work on the skills they need to succeed and reach their fullest potential. She has a personal love of art and ‘hands-on’ creativity that she aims to incorporate into sessions to inspire new interests and promote self-confidence, whilst having fun. Continuing her education and training is important to her and she is furthering her expertise by undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Autism studies.

As an Occupational Therapist, Youstina will be able to assist with:

· Screening and needs assessments

· Equipment prescription

· Motor skills and developmental skills

· Behavioural and anxiety management

· Handwriting

· Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) including toileting, dressing, and feeding

· Sensory programs


Michelle Bredemeyer


Michelle Bredemeyer


Michelle Bredemeyer


Yulia Bondar

Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist
Sports Massage & Flexibility Training
Pregancy Massage

Yulia Bondar

Yulia is passionate about encouraging people to understand their bodies. She first heard about massage therapy as a patient herself and it was learning how to listen to her body that inspired a love for massage and helping others. Yulia wants people to feel connected to their bodies. Physical strength and mobility empower people in so many ways.Yulia helps people get out of pain by creating individualised treatments, using a variety of specific massage techniques and rehab options.  A thorough assessment gives her a great understanding of where your needs lie. Together with her clients, she can create achievable long-term goals, whether you are seeking pain-free movement, increased mobility, or recovery from injury.


Mike Makossa

Sports Nutritionist

 Mike Makossa (BSc Nutrition) is a qualified and experienced sports nutritionist and trainer; he leads his nutritional services with a developed ethos of open respect to all who seek to better themselves. Nutrition is as vital as physical activity, and integrating these components determines results. Although working on the physical, Mike acknowledges the mind-body union and advises with thought and mindfulness.

Mike has provided eating and training plans for thousands of clients, engaged in activities from daily functional goals to elite gains in dance, fighting arts, sports and fitness at national, international and Olympic levels. He has in-depth nutrition and training experience in weight training, Ballet, Contemporary dance, Boxing, Parkour, Yoga, Flexibility, Strength and conditioning.

Mike attained qualifications at graduate and post-grad levels in exercise science, sports nutrition, neuroscience, psychology and space design; his study and experience have resulted from his intrinsic passion for learning, helping and sharing with others.

“I have attended AppliedMotion centre as a client and liked the welcoming and professional atmosphere provided by the staff. I am proud to be working as one of the team members as the acceptance and genuine desire to support people is evident here.”