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Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Master of Clinical Physiotherapy(Musculoskeletal)
BSc. Physiotherapy

Simone is a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with strong experience in Musculoskeletal, Paediatric and Sport Physiotherapy. He completed the Master of Clinical Physiotherapy at Curtin University and co-published a paper looking at Best Evidence Practice at SJOG Midland Hospital in 2018.

Simone has been a clinician for over 10 years and is driven by his passion for helping patients of different ages and backgrounds overcoming pain and disability through best research-based practice. He believes in a “Patient Centred” level of care, where patients are treated as a whole person and in accordance with their goals and values.

He believes there is no end to professional development in medicine. His hunger for knowledge and determination to translate research in to practice allowed him to travel across different countries (Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Italy), to help people of all ages get more out of life.

Driven by his goal to help as many in need as possible, Simone has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others joining the profession, working as a clinical supervisor for Curtin University.

Excellence in physiotherapy is something every clinician should aim for, to provide patients of the best possible results”

Emma MIgnanelli

Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Emma is a qualified Physiotherapist who is currently studying her Masters’s in Sports Physiotherapy at Curtin University. She has also received training as a strength and conditioning coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA Level 1).

Emma uses her bubbly and positive nature to help patients achieve what they love in life through clear education, goal setting, hands-on treatment, dry needling, and exercise/rehabilitation to assist people to reach their goals and optimal health. Emma will provide a clear plan at the end of your first visit on how to achieve your goals in the best way possible that suits you as well as matches what the science says.

Emma is very proactive within the sporting world – she has worked at several amateur level footy clubs and has provided Physio cover at various hockey tournaments at the state and international level (the Ric Charlesworth Classic and the FHE Cup).

When Emma is not working, she is trying the latest fitness craze, playing tennis socially, relaxing at the beach or supporting the West Coast Eagles

Caitlin Crook

BSc. Physiotherapy

Caitlin Crook graduated in 2020 from Curtin University with Distinction in a Bachelor of Science – Physiotherapy. Caitlin is passionate about working collaboratively with her clients and their families, as required, to help progress their functional capacity, fitness, and participation within their home, work or school and the wider community.

From 2018-2020 Caitlin worked with an interdisciplinary team at The Healthy Strides Foundation, providing intensive therapy to children with a variety of neurological conditions, injuries, and disabilities. Caitlin has completed a self-directed project at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) where she developed resources for a running program to help children with cancer improve their ability to run, participate in physical activity and socialise with friends. She has also gained experience in the rheumatology and oncology wards at PCH.

Caitlin has a real love of team sports and friendly competition. Her enthusiasm led her to pursue roles as a basketball and netball coach for children. At the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Musculoskeletal Outpatient Clinic, she has gained experience treating a variety of different presentations including acute musculoskeletal injuries, complex chronic pain and post-operative orthopaedic patients.

Caitlin is committed to addressing the individual needs of clients and prides herself on ability to undertake any session with energy, commitment and a holistic approach to client care.


Dr Angelo Velho

Sports & Paediatric Podiatrist

Angelo is a highly experienced podiatrist in the field of sports and paediatrics, having worked in private practice alongside both elite and junior athletes. A graduate from the University of Western Australia, Angelo has strived to provide the most optimal and individualistic approach to assess, diagnose, and provide treatment for his patients. His primary passion is biomechanics and assessing how and why both acute and overuse injuries occur across both children and adults. Thanks to his many years working at The Athletes Foot, he has retained a strong focus on footwear and orthotic therapy.

Angelo has also developed a special interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of ankle sprains and Achilles pathologies. Angelo has worked alongside junior gymnasts, ballet dancers, and netball players to also provide treatment for a range of musculoskeletal and joint complaints and is passionate about keeping athletes active throughout their rehabilitation.

As a born-and-bred Londoner who grew up with a football at his feet (he also passionately supports West Ham United), Angelo has represented and participated in many sporting codes throughout his life including swimming, rugby, and cricket. He is still very active, representing South Perth United Soccer Club in the FootballWest Amateur Leagues. Thanks to his personal experience with injuries in sports, Angelo has adopted significant consideration for each individual’s circumstances and promises to ‘get you back on your feet’ pain-free.


Youstina Youssef

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Youstina Youssef has a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy and is an extremely passionate and motivated Occupational Therapist with positive energy and compassionate nature. Paediatrics has always been an interest of hers and she loves interacting with both children and their families to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, whilst also encouraging engagement and facilitating independence. She works using a combination of both a ‘top-down’ (functional) and ‘bottom-up’ (sensory) approach to therapy incorporating the use of evidence-based practice. She is dedicated to seeing children with a variety of physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities and helping them to reach their full potential. Her gentle, positive, and creative personality keeps children engaged and motivated to work on the skills they need to succeed and reach their fullest potential. She has a personal love of art and ‘hands-on’ creativity that she aims to incorporate into sessions to inspire new interests and promote self-confidence, whilst having fun. Continuing her education and training is important to her and she is furthering her expertise by undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Autism studies.

As an Occupational Therapist, Youstina will be able to assist with:

· Screening and needs assessments

· Equipment prescription

· Motor skills and developmental skills

· Behavioural and anxiety management

· Handwriting

· Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) including toileting, dressing, and feeding

· Sensory programs

GP Obstetrician

Dr Leon Levitt


Dr Levitt is a graduate of the University of Western Australia’s School of Medicine and he has a further training in Obstetrics. He has consulted in family medicine in Wembley for 30 years and over this time has delivered babies for thousands of mothers and cared for them through early childhood. He is passionate about supporting parents and healthy babies. He founded Baby Steps Health Centre to enhance the delivery of health services to the young mothers of Western Australia, and help them make the best start that they can to parenting.

Practice Manager​

Michelle Bredemeyer



Michelle Bredemeyer


Michelle Bredemeyer


Michelle Bredemeyer