Workers Compensation

What is Worker's Compensation?

“The Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme is designed to help workers return to work successfully following a work-related injury or illness.” – WorkCover WA.
Physiotherapy services may be provided to workers who have sustained a workplace injury. There is a strong body of evidence to show that early and accurate physiotherapy intervention can reduce the injury length and promote early return to work.
AppliedMotion Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing evidence-informed practice to all clients. Within the Worker’s Compensation sector in particular, we adopt a strong Bio-Psycho-Social approach in order to facilitate early recovery and return to work.

How Do I Get Started?

You may contact our clinic to make an appointment once you have adhered to the Worker’s Compensation guidelines of your workplace.

You will need the following details in order to start your physiotherapy treatment under Worker's Compensation:

Who Is Responsible For Bills?

AppliedMotion Physiotherapy will liaise with your case manager from the relevant insurance company to seek approval for physiotherapy treatment plans under the WorkCover WA rates. Once approval has been granted, all fees will be directed to the insuring company with no out-of-pocket expense for clients. However, any treatment outside of the proposed plan will be the client’s responsibility.

Need more information?

Don’t hesitate to contact our clinic to chat with our friendly staff.
For further information regarding Worker’s Compensation claims, visit:

Work Cover WA